How does yoga help improving sleep?

How does yoga help improving sleep?

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Due to a build-up of stress from daily life activities, a great number of people keep tossing and turning for hours during the night before dozing off at last.

Apart from that, regardless of sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours every night (which is the recommended number of sleeping hours for adults) around 35% American adults experience a poor quality of sleep.

Now many of us might want to pretend like we are tough enough to dodge our sleeping needs, the reality is totally different.

It is a fact that in order to function efficiently throughout the day, the human body requires sufficient amount of good quality sleep over the night. And this is where Yoga saves the night!


Did you know? Yoga helps releasing fatigue and stress.

Yoga is a wonderful practice to release physical fatigue resulting in great comfort in the bed. While on the other hand the meditative side of Yoga allows the mind to clear itself, reducing stress and bringing mental ease. As a wonderful consequence, the night’s sleep becomes more restful.  

Practicing poses such as Forward Bend (Hastapadasana), Cat Stretch (Marjariasana), and Child Pose (Shishuasana), on your yoga mat before going to bed can allow you to unwind yourself.


Yoga rejuvenates your body and mind

The breathing exercises employed in yoga practice, result in an increase in the oxygen levels in the blood. Meanwhile, an increased flow of blood to the brain helps constructive thought-activity to thrive. This is because concentration on the breathing practice acts as a distraction from all the negative thoughts from the day.

Moreover, yoga is also known to help remove the toxins from the body.


Yoga is a productive evening activity

Most people at night tend to stay busy scrolling through social applications on their smartphones for more than an hour or two while on bed. The use of such devices right before going to bed is considered to be a major cause of a poor quality of sleep.

Cutting off the unnecessary usage of electronic devices, and adding yoga as an alternative could significantly improve one’s physique and state of mind. Most importantly, it adds productivity into one’s life.


Yoga helps in improving the routine

Yoga is a wonderful way for people to experiment with their body, and to learn more about themselves. This could greatly reduce the uncertainty that people often face while making an important decision. Through a clear mind and a relaxed body, a person is able to deal with complex situations in a calm manner.

Because everyone happens to be different from one other with respect to physical and mental needs, yoga can help people in finding out a sleep routine that actually works well for them.

Hence it is certainly worthwhile for a person to take out at least 10 to 20 minutes for yoga practice every night before going to bed. Once it becomes a part of routine, one would start looking at life from a healthier and positive perspective.

The following yoga poses can help you in getting good night’s sleep:

  • Child Pose
  • Cat Stretch
  • Forward Bend
  • Legs-up-the-wall Pose
  • Butterfly Pose



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