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Colds are caused by viruses that thrive in your nose and throat when the temperature, acidity, and moisture suit them. When you are run down and your resistance is low, your ability to adapt to environmental changes weakens, making it easier to catch a cold, and the mucous membranes become a perfect breeding ground for viruses. Cold symptoms are the body's attempt to protect itself from these intruders. When a virus enters your nose, for instance, the body secretes more mucus to flush it away.

Because acupressure stimulates your body to expel the virus more quickly, it may seem at first that your cold is worsening. But your body is simply progressing through the symptoms faster than usual. Although acupressure cannot cure a cold, working on certain points can help you get better quicker and increase your resistance to future colds.

Acupressure and reflexology has been proved useful in curing various kinds of diseases and it can be effectively used in keeping the symptoms of cold and flu at bay.

Most of us think that there is nothing much to do about a flu rather than popping some over the counter pills and waiting for it to pass away, but in reality, reflexology and acupressure can help in effectively fighting these chronic ailments and removing them from the root. White blood cells present in the blood stream fights infections and protects the body from diseases and acupressure can help in stimulating the production of white blood cells that prevents infections and protects the body from the bothersome hands of common cold, flu and fever.

Acupressure is scientifically proven therapy that can heal any disease faster and without side effects. 

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