7 Benefits of a Yoga Wheel

7 Benefits of a Yoga Wheel

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Grippz Yoga Wheel

Yoga has the great ability to evolve from its century-old practice into our modern world. One of the ways it has evolved more recently is with the introduction of the yoga wheel, a wonderful yoga accessory that allows for us to reach new levels in our practice.

Just as the name suggests, imagine a wheel that is about 32 centimeters in height by 13 centimeters wide. A yoga wheel helps those who want to push their asanas and abilities to the next level, that which includes increased flexibility, strength, and balance; it allows the yogi opportunities that may not otherwise be achievable.

The Benefits of The Wheel

Using a yoga wheel has a lot of unique benefits compared to other yoga accessories; it is inspired for the yogi who is maybe looking for more. But before you dive into using it for every pose throughout your practice, it is wise to familiarize yourself with this helpful accessory first.

  1. Back Massage Anyone?

Place the wheel on the ground while engaging the middle of you back directly on top of it. Begin slowly at first, slide your spine back and forth across the surface of the wheel, making sure to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and your arms stretched above you. This back massage is the first of many wonderful features this accessory has to offer while using this technique will also help you to better understand how the wheel works.

To expand on your back massage, I highly suggest that you try the Grippz Yoga Wheel with its unique knobs to provide some much-needed reflexology on your back. You will also benefit from a decrease in back tension that can sometimes build up in our bodies; this is especially helpful for those who spend long periods of time sitting at a desk.

Grippz Yoga Wheel

  1. Better Balance

Although balancing poses on the ground can be tricky by themselves, if you have lost the excitement in your balancing practice lately, perhaps you are ready to elevate your asanas. The next time you want to try plank, squat, awkward pose, crane, tree, or even toe stand, try completing this pose on a yoga wheel.

If you want even more benefits from the yoga wheel, the Grippz Acupressure model will provide your feet and hands with the full advantage of hitting key pressure points. It will also absorb the burden that your sensitive body parts can sometimes feel when trying to complete balancing poses.

  1. Deeper Asanas

A yoga wheel is a great prop to allow you to move even deeper into your asanas, particularly those that require backbends and your chest to be open. Poses such as camel, wheel, and king cobra will now seem more attainable to you when you try them out with this handy prop. Simply place it under your back and allow your spine to curl over the wheel.

  1. More Flexibility

As the wheel can be used to help you go deeper in your asanas, as well as help open up your chest and spine, the result is, you will naturally increase your flexibility. Try adding the wheel when you are doing a simple seated forward bend and place the wheel at your feet. Once you are capable of reaching your feet, go a step further and hold onto the edge of the wheel.

  1. Added Security with Yoga Inversions

Consider how nervous we can sometimes feel when attempting a more advanced inversion pose. Using a yoga wheel can help add some extra support where you need it, plus, give you a boost of confidence in order to reach your ultimate goal. Try using a yoga wheel as an extra arm when attempting forearm balance, or even scorpion, by holding onto the wheel while you attempt the inversion pose.

  1. Strengthens Your Core

Plank is an all-body encompassing pose that requires your torso to be properly aligned and balanced throughout. But this pose can sometimes become tedious and in need of a little variation. Next time, try supporting your upper torso as you normally would with your forearms, but place a yoga wheel beneath your feet.

With a Grippz Yoga Wheel, your feet can feel the benefits of a much-needed massaging pressure on the balls of your feet as well as on the top parts of the feet. You can also massage the front of your thighs and legs by rolling the wheel along them and gliding your body up and along for a deeper core-body workout.

Grippz Yoga Wheel

  1. Shake Up Your Yoga Practice

Sometimes our yoga practice can seem, well, a little stale and repetitive. Adding a yoga wheel can give your routine that little bit of a shakeup its been lacking lately. Poses that we once set as goals on our yoga-bucket-list may now seem ordinary and have lost the luster they used to have. Adding a yoga wheel to your yoga routine can take your practice to newer places and provide new experiences, all while giving your body the benefits of increased flexibility, strength, and balance.

But for those who want a little bit extra from this wonderful yoga accessory, I highly suggest you try the new Grippz Yoga Wheel. It has the added benefit of a unique, ergonomically designed surface, which contains thousands of nodules that act as acupressure on all parts of your body. Take your practice to new heights with this standout yoga prop and all-encompassing body changer.




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