About the program

As an influencer for Grippz, you will encounter many amazing opportunities! We want to build a relationship with you personally as well as create brand association. Being knowledgeable of our brand is important; some key information about our program is as follows:

  • We provide all influencers with a complimentary yoga mat  
  • You will have exclusive access to our affiliate program where you can earn up to 15% commission on all sales you generate
  • We will provide you with an exclusive vanity code for your following
  • The opportunity to be featured in Grippz social media and in our email blasts


    As we build a personal relationship with you, we would like you to do the same with your followers rather than just advertise our products. This is a more personal touch that can be achieved through your natural voice and genuine opinions about our products. Being a Grippz Influencer will also add variety to your social media accounts. You will be able to engage your followers through giveaways and challenges! We hope you will join the Grippz team and help expand our brand with your radiance, energy, and passion! 

    • Must be extremely active on social media and create beautiful engaging content
    • Must publish 1 Tagged post a month
    • Must publish 1 Giveaway post a month


    The Next Steps

    • If you would like to you join us as an influencer, please e-mail following info about you to Alicia@Grippzmats.com :
    • Your Name
    • Instagram Account
    • Facebook account
    • Youtube account
    • Once you receive your Grippz Mat the fun begins!! It is important to take good quality photos and post on your Instagram/Youtube while tagging us. If we use your content, we will make sure to tag and cite the source so you get extra exposure.
    • We reserve the rights to post only good quality and fun photos/videos only. So, please make sure you publish really great content.
    • You will be responsible for 2 Instagram or Youtube posts per month, while tagging Grippz.